Dapple and Merle - The color (Dapple) in dachshunds is the same apparently and genetically as the merle of Collies,
Australian Shepherds, and other breeds with the merle color. Description of the Color The appearance of this is like a
slashing or swirling of paint over all normal colors of dachshunds. Some dappling is very bright and noticeable. Still other
dogs have so little of the dapple pattern that it is not easily seen. You will recognize a dapple dachshund most easily when
it is on one of these base colors Black/Tan, Chocolate/Tan, Blue/Tan colors.  
One parent must be dapple to get dapple

Breeding 2 solid parents can not produce dapple offspring; one parent must be showing dapple to produce offspring that
is dapple. The dapple gene is not carried in the Family Tree genes. Once dappling is lost from any offspring it will only
produce dapple offspring when bred to a dappled mate.

Black/Tan Dapple - Black/Tan dapple dachshunds have a dapple pattern that looks silvery in color, and was once called
silver dapple. The color for these dogs is now marked on AKC papers as Black/Tan dapple.

Chocolate/Tan Dapple -  The dapple pattern on a chocolate and tan dapple dog is lighter that the dark chocolate
background but is still a shade of light chocolate. Darker spots that are the color of the normal coat may appear on the
lighter dapple area. There will be black spots on black and tan dapples and chocolate spots on the chocolate and tan
dogs. A dog with limited dapple pattern may have a single small streak of the dapple color and be hardly noticed.

Red Dapple - Even an expert may not notice dapples at all in an adult red dapple. When dapple occurs on a red
dachshund, it appears as a lighter swirl in the coat that disappears (more or less from dog to dog) as the dog matures. The
only give away for an adult red dapple may be the telltale blue eye or eyes that sometimes occurs when dapple (of all
colors) fall on the eye. A blue-eyed Dachshund is always a dapple but may also express another pattern simultaneously,
such as the piebald pattern or the brindle pattern.

Double Dapple -  Double Dapple is the color of a dog that is a result of breeding two dapple dachshunds (sometimes
referred to as (single dapple in discussions such as this) or two double dapple dachshunds or a single dapple and a
double dapple breeding. When you breed two single dapple dachshunds, the color possibilities are solid, single dapple,
and double dapple. When you breed two double dapples, you can only produce double dapples. When you breed a single
dapple to a double dapple, you can produce single dapples and double dapples. The reason for these possibilities is that
the single dapple is a heterozygous dapple and the double dapple is a homozygous dapple. The heterozygous dapple can
pass a solid gene or a dapple gene for any given puppy. The homozygous dapple can only pass a dapple gene. Double
dapple puppies will always have white markings, many in the same pattern that you would associate with a collie type dog
(band around the neck, white on paws, noise, and tail tip.) The white may be more or less extensive. The double dapple
dachshund usually has blue eyes but may have one or both dark eyes.
Both parents must be dapple to get double dapples.

WARNING Double Dapple Defects - There are lethal genes commonly associated with double dapple. Not all double
dapples have these problems
and it is believed by some to be more of a problem in some lines than in others. The
problems associated with lethal genes in double dapples there are  varying degrees of vision and hearing loss, including
reduced or absent eyes.  So if you decide that you want a double dapple puppy, be prepared for possible problems that
may not be diagnosed at a young age, and if you want to breed a double dapple interestingly if a blind or deaf double
dapple is bred to a normal dog, the lethal traits are not passed on to the offspring, however most of the puppies of the
double dapple will be dapple. Remember that single dapple dachshunds do not have lethal problems and if a single dapple
is bred to a solid (any non-dapple) there are no problems associated with single dapple dachshunds.
Dapple Talk
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