Upcoming Litters
Winter (Cream LH) x Rain (Cream LH) Born 4/28/17
Pearl (Red SH) x Niclaus (Solid Isabella SH) Born 4/28/17
Ava (Creamy Red LH) x Sir (Black/Cream LH) Due April/May
**Puppies are picked out in the order the deposits are received**

You can reserve your place on our waiting list for a certain pup color/coat/pattern/gender with a
refundable deposit; if you change your mind at any time before you pick a pup out or commit
to a specific litter, we are always happy to refund your deposit no questions asked.

Once you pick a pup out or commit to a specific litter your
$200 deposit will become a
non-refundable deposit.

We will no longer notifying people when puppies are born unless you have a deposit down on the
waiting list. We ask that if you don’t wish to place a deposit please watch our
website or facebook
to see what we have available in our litters after those with deposits have picked their puppy out.

Deposits Received For Future Litters
*List Updated 4/29/17*
Marc & Cindy P (Any)
Shawn & Amber G (Dapple)
Sandra M (Red LH Female)
Brad W (Cream LH Female)
Jerry & Lisa M (Cream LH Female)
Jim & Martha R (Dapple LF Female)
Kathryn R (Cream LH Male)
Tara E (Dapple)
Tammy L (LH)
Karl B (SH)
Janet B (SH)
Dru P (SH Female)
Tina F (LH)
Lisa C (Red SH Female)
Katheryn M (SH Female)
Allan S (Cream LH Female)
Ruth S (Red LH Male)

Dave V (Red SH Female)