Dapple Piebald Pictures
Notice how much they look like a Double Dapple
Chocolate/Tan Dapple
Black/Tan Dapple Piebald
Black/Tan Dapple Piebald
We have had alot of people ask how to tell if they have a dapple piebald or a double dapple?
Check a AKC pedigree not a copy of a pedigree someone made up and says it is from AKC, I have seen people make
up a pedigree to support the puppy being a double dapple when in fact it is not.

Helpful hints when looking at the AKC pedigree:
1- Solid bred to Dapple will produce solid, dapple and dapple piebald puppies (both the solid and dapple must carry
    piebald to get dapple piebald)
2- Piebald bred to Solid will produce solid and piebald puppies (only if the solid carries piebald can you get piebald)
3- Only a Dapple bred to Dapple or a Double Dapple can produce double dapples, they can also produce solid and
   dapple puppies
4- Piebald bred to Piebald will produce piebald only