Our Waiting List
How the Waiting List Works

What this means is that we will accept a $200 refundable deposit from you to be notified and pick from new litters before the
general public, if you change your mind at any time
before you pick a pup out or commit to a specific litter, we are always happy
to refund your deposit no questions asked. However once you pick a pup out or commit to a specific litter your $200 deposit will
become a
non-refundable deposit and the other $200 is due making your deposit total $400.

The $200 deposit will go towards the purchase price of the puppy, and will be deducted from your total. VIP Waiting List customers
are first come first serve, so if you are the first to be put on the list than you will be 1st to choose from the puppies. If you are 2nd on
the list then you have 2nd choice etc.

We will send you a notification via email and give you a courtesy call to let you know we have a new litter.  If you pass, than the next
person in line will have the option of choosing their pick and so on. If you pass, than you will still have your spot for choice on the next
litter or be moved up a spot depending on the following litter. So you will be able to see upcoming litters first until you find the perfect
puppy. This deposit is
refundable until you pick a puppy out, then your deposit will become non-refundable.

Also keep in mind just because there are X amount of people on the list does not mean you will be next it depends on color and
gender. Example lets say I have 8 people on the list but only 1 person on the list ahead of you for a Black/Rust and you want a
Black /Rust  well then you would be 2nd for that color/gender. etc. Also just because we have a large waiting list does not mean
you can't get a puppy now as the people on the waiting list are looking for a specific color, sex, time frame, or parents.

We will no longer notifying people when puppies are born unless you are on the waiting list. We ask that if you don’t wish to
place a deposit please watch our
website or facebook to see what we have available in our litters after those with deposits
have picked their puppy out.

Deposits Received For Future Puppies
*List Updated 7/10/20*

Jason and Roberta R (Black)
Tony H (Black) F
Steven H (Black)*
Rick & Kathie S (Black or Red)
Isaac E (Open)*
John Q (Black)
Aidee F (Black or Red)

Donna F (Black)
Cris and Noel B (Red)
Tom G (Open)
Valerie D (Black)
Christine C (White)
Steven H (Black)*
Heather K (Black or Open)
Dylan S (Black)
Christina R (Black)
Isaac E (Open)*
Mitchell M (Black)
Jared G (Red)
In loving memory
Brigitte Block
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