Ear cropping is strictly a personal choice
In some Doberman it can benefit allowing more air flow into the ear and lessen the chance of ear
infections. Personally I have a couple natural floppy girls and have never had an issue with her ears. I
love the look of the natural floppy ears and I also love the look of the elegant crop.

Ear Cropping is a personal choice (cosmetic procedure). There is no guarantee that your Doberman’s
ears will stand or stand correctly. Ear cropping is NOT covered under our health guarantee.
Cropping is only done by the buyers request and for an additional price which will be discussed prior
to any procedure. Ear Cropping is done as convenience for our buyers.

We have a couple vets we like using depending on the age of the puppy and type of ear crop you would
like done (we recommend a medium crop). If you want us to have your puppy cropped before coming
home we are happy to do that and include the crop fees in the price of the puppy. Puppies must be
100% healed before we will let them go home.

The Ear Cropping is ONLY performed by a licensed Veterinarian normally done between 5 - 8 weeks
of age. (Stitches normally come out 10-14 days after surgery). Your puppy will be released to go home
after stitches come out and all scabs are gone.

**Please be aware with any surgical procedure there are risks involved with putting an animal under
anesthesia. There is No Guarantee on Ear Cropping, Size, Style or Quality. Before your puppy
undergoes surgery it will receive an examination by a licensed Veterinarian to ensure the puppy is
healthy for surgery. Starlight Doberman will not be responsible for any damage or loss that should be
caused by choosing to have your puppy's ears cropped.

There are 3 types of cropping:
Military Crop - The ear is relatively short in length and has a wider base (bell). It does not typically
take very long to stand.
Medium Crop - The ear is a little longer and has a little less bell. (We Recommend The Medium)
Show Crop - The ear is longer and a little more narrower than the other two crops. With the longer     
crop you will spend a lot more time wrapping and posting the ears. There is more risk of them not

Posting the ears can take 6 weeks to 10 months or more depending on the puppy. This is a very time
consuming process and the new puppy owner must be diligent about this process, it will be well worth
it in the end!

Ears should not be taped until most of the scabs from the surgery have healed. If there are only 1 or 2
scabs left, you can cover those with cotton and a little antibiotic powder and then tape over them.

It will be the new owner's responsibility to find a Veterinarian experienced in cropped dogs to assist
in the puppies after crop care. There is no guarantee the ears will stand or stand correctly.

Important things to remember when taping the ear:
*Check for odors (The ears should not have a foul smell.)
*Keep the ears dry, If the ears get wet, repost them with dry tape.
*DO NOT take the ears down and let the ears "hang" for any length of time.
*If the ears fall -- put them right back up in the roll.
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