Our Kennel Policy

We require all puppies under eight weeks of age to be held with a non-refundable deposit ($200). Once a deposit is placed, no one else will see or place a deposit on that same puppy. We do not hold puppies without a deposit for any reason except same-day pick up (puppies over eight weeks), and if mailing check by mail, we place a four-day sale pending awaiting check. Puppies cannot be visited till they have shots. All deposits and payments are non-refundable if you change your mind after a pup has been picked out.

Not all puppies are ready to leave mom at eight weeks old the eight-week-old date is an expected leaving date as we do not force wean our puppies, we feel it is important for your puppy to spend as much time as possible with their mommy and siblings so with that being said, if puppies need more time, I will not let them leave at eight weeks old. You can't pick your puppy up at eight weeks old, no problem. We don't mind holding a puppy longer than eight weeks of age as long as you have talked with us ahead of time and know what is going on. Leaving a puppy longer with the mother and siblings helps socialize the puppy and build an immune system.

Starlight Kennel

Pet prices of each puppy are listed next to their photo when we have puppies available, along with their other information, such as color, sex, etc.

We occasionally offer Full AKC registration on our babies for an additional fee; You will need to talk with us before picking up your puppy to request Full papers (Breeding/Show rights). Puppies sold on Full registration will be evaluated at 6 to 8 weeks of age to determine if they are of show or breeding quality, as we want only the best to pass on our lines. If you have questions on the difference between a pet or full papers, Click Here

  • We require a non-refundable deposit of Two Hundred Dollars to hold any puppy.
  • The $200 deposit will be deducted from the final purchase price.
  • $200 of the purchase price is considered a deposit regardless if you pay a deposit or pay in full. 
  • Puppies are chosen in the order we receive the deposits. 
  • There is an extra 3% fee if you pay via CC or PayPal. That means if you are paying a deposit of $200, then add $6 for the fee's so the total would be $206. If you do not add it, it will be added to your balance due.
  • We do not hold puppies or deposit spots without a deposit.
  • Credit Card or PayPal There is an extra 3% fee for either of these. That means if you are paying a deposit of $200, then add $6 for the fee's so the total would be $206. If you do not add it, it will be added to your balance due at pick up.
  • Cash (Pick up)
  • Personal Checks (Deposits ONLY must have 10 days to clear before pup leaves)   
  • We do not accept Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders of any kind.

This means that we will accept a $200 deposit from you to be notified and pick from new litters before the general public. The $200 deposit will go towards the puppy's purchase price and will be deducted from your total. Waiting List customers are first come, first serve, so if you are the first to be put on the list, you will be 1st to choose from the puppies.

If you are 2nd on the list, then you have 2nd choice, etc.

We will send you a notification via email and give you a courtesy call to let you know we have a new litter. If you pass, then the next person in line will have the option of choosing their pick and so on. If you pass, you will still have your spot for choice on the next litter or move up a spot depending on the following letter. So you will be able to see upcoming litters first until you find the perfect puppy. This deposit is refundable until you pick a puppy out, then your deposit will become non-refundable.

Please keep in mind we always retain the right to keep puppies first.

Also, keep in mind that X amount of people on the list does not mean you will be next. It depends on color and gender. For example, let's say I have eight people on the list, but only one person on the list ahead of you for a Black/Tan, and you want a Black /Tan, well then you would be 2nd for that color/gender. Also, just because we have a large waiting list does not mean you can't get a puppy now, as the people on the waiting list are looking for a specific color, sex, time frame, or parents. To see where you are on the waiting list, Click Here.

We prefer to sell our dachshund puppies as pets to loving homes. All puppies are sold as pet care on a spay/neuter contract (no exceptions). They will need to be altered between the ages of 5 and 7 months of age with a copy of the altering sent. The buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered by seven months of age (unless other arrangements have been made in writing by the seller) and send a proof back to the breeder by eight months. Proof constitutes a receipt from the performing vet or an altered certificate by the performing vet.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any time for any reason. Pups/Adults will not be held without a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable once a pup is picked out.

Click Here for other frequently asked dachshund questions.

This means that you are only interested in purchasing the puppy as a pet for your family, and they will be altered (spay/neuter) between 5-7 months of age. You are not interested in showing or breeding this puppy in the future.  

When we sell a puppy to you as a pet, we do not give you Limited or Full registration papers for the puppy, and We do give you a vaccination record and a pedigree (Pedigree upon request).

Your puppy does come with the same health warranties as a full puppy and is a full-blooded quality dachshund. The only difference is that you chose not to pay for Full Breeding Rights and Registration papers for your pup. 

We do not offer limited papers for our puppies. I don't feel you should pay for a birth certificate. I am happy to print you out, mom and dad's pedigree upon request.

What is the cost of full vs Limited Papers? The cost to order Limited or Full papers is the same price when we order the papers they all come to us as full papers, we as the breeder have the right to mark them as limited, so there is no price break for limited papers.

If the cost is the same for limited, why do breeders charge a higher price? Well, many people don't know or understand that limited papers are just a birth certificate, with that bring said breeders could charge people for a paper that is no good to anyone and make it sound like if you don't get limited or full papers, you didn't buy from a good breeder. This isn't truly a good breeder isn't going to make you pay for a birth certificate.

So, it is very frustrating when I see other breeders saying you have to buy with limited papers so that they can charge you the higher price for a birth certificate - this is not the practice of a reputable breeder.

When we sell a puppy with full Registration, this means that you have chosen to pay extra for the registration papers to that puppy. This means that you have purchased the right to show or breed and register any puppies born to your adult dog with that Kennel Club (AKC). It also means you do not wish to alter (spay/neuter) your puppy.

We have worked very hard for years to breed our dachshunds in a way that will improve their bloodlines and produce a good quality dachshund (this is not easy or cheap). We will sell the registration papers for your puppy to you for an extra fee if you wish to show or breed your adult dog in the future. 

We cannot emphasize enough that you think long and hard about this decision, because it is exactly that, a long and hard process to do it well. Make sure that you are devoted and knowledgeable before you attempt to do it. It is only fair to the dogs, and they depend on you to make the right decisions for them. Their care and health are in your hands.  

Raising a good Quality puppy requires a lot of hard work, time, patience, and a ton of dedication. It is not easy or cheap to accomplish.