Pet Puppy and Full AKC Puppy


This means that you are only interested in purchasing the puppy as a pet for your family, and they will be altered (spay/neuter) between 5-7 months of age, you are not interested in showing or breeding this puppy in the future.  

When we sell a puppy to you as a pet, we do not give you Limited or Full registration papers for the puppy. We do give you a Vaccination Record and a pedigree (Pedigree upon request).

Your puppy does come with the same health warranties as a full puppy and is a full-blooded quality dachshund. The only difference is that you chose not to pay for Full Breeding Rights and Registration papers for your pup. Breed or show with limited but to have the documents printed through the kennel clubs cost money. This is why I do not offer limited papers I don't feel you should pay for a birth certificate, and I am happy to print you out mom and dad's pedigree for free.

What is the cost of full vs. Limited Papers? The cost to order Limited or Full papers is the same price when we collect the papers they all come to us as full papers, we as the breeder have the right to mark them as limited, so there is no price break for limited papers.

If the cost is the same for limited, why do breeders charge a higher price for the litter? Well, many people don't know or understand that limited papers are just a birth certificate, with that bring said breeders could charge people for a paper that is no good to anyone and make it sound like if you don't get limited or full papers, you didn't buy from a good breeder. This just isn't true a good breeder isn't going to make you pay for a birth certificate. So it is very frustrating when I see other breeders saying you have to buy with limited papers so that they can charge you the higher price for a birth certificate - this is not the practice of a reputable breeder.


When we sell a puppy with complete Registration, this means that you have chosen to pay extra for the registration papers to that puppy. This means that you have purchased the right to show or breed and register any puppies born to your adult dog with that Kennel Club (AKC). It also means you do not wish to alter (spay/neuter) your puppy.

We have worked very hard for years to breed our dachshunds in a way that will improve their bloodlines and produce a good quality dachshund (this is not easy or cheap). We will sell the registration papers for your puppy to you for an extra fee if you wish to show or breed your adult dog in the future. 

We cannot emphasize enough that you think long and hard about this decision, because it is precisely that, a long and hard process to do it well. Make sure that you are devoted and knowledgeable before you attempt to do it. It is only fair to the dogs, and they depend on you to make the right decisions for them. Their care and health are in your hands. Raising a good Quality puppy requires a lot of hard work, time, patience, and a ton of dedication. It is not easy or cheap to accomplish.